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Photos: A funny photo

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LEFT-WING blogs are in a tizz over a photo of a National Party sign behind another sign advertising fraud investigators. I think this photo is funnier.


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May 20, 2009 at 4:56 pm

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Spinwatch: Rankin appointment

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THE Herald has picked up the Labour Party that the Rankin appointment was wantonly partisan. Have a cup of tea and a good lie down Clare. Then answer this. Who was the first Families Commissioner?

Rajen Prasad. A career academic, Prasad was appointed by his mates in the Labour Party and proceeded to dump on the National Party from the position. Then he ditched his six figure salary for a high ranking on the Labour Party list and a seat in Parliament.

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May 20, 2009 at 2:28 pm

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Labour: The nasty party

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Picture 25

CLARE Curran has ratcheted up the rhetoric, calling Rodney Hide “demonic” after first twittering he gave her “the creeps“.

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May 17, 2009 at 4:03 pm

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Fixing Auckland: Pot calls Government black

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FAILED List MP Phil Twyford put out an outraged press release yesterday attacking the Government for spending $500,000 – or fifty cents for every Aucklander – on communicating the Government’s proposals for fixing Auckland.

Labour Party blogger Lynn Prentice – who can’t even name the Minister of Local Government – dutifully continued the outrage.

Putting aside the ridiculousness of the fact that Labour is accusing the Government of being opaque and undemocratic, as well as spending too much on consultation and communication, it shows the Labour party is oblivious to it’s egregious record on PR blitzes.

Back in the 90s, Helen Clark and Michael Cullen described a $2.5m Government information campaign on hospital restructuring as a “orgy of advertising” and “pure propaganda”. When they got in to Government, they proceeded to spend:

– $15m on advertising Labour’s Working for Families policy. This was down from $21m after the Auditor-General criticised the scale of the advertising. Keep in mind that only around 50,000 families eligible to receive WFF did not already do so automatically.

– $800,000 on promoting, erm, the Labour Party with the pledge card just a few weeks before the 2005 election.

– $2.3m on ad agency fees for DOC

$1.2m in one month advertising KiwiSaver, an opt-out scheme.

$50m a year on departmental spin doctors

It’s also the same Government that ramped up ad spends in election years, that said it would be a “bloody good idea” for Labour party canvassers to hand out state funded advertising and that used state funded brochures in it’s election campaign in 2008 too.

It is perfectly legitimate for Governments to spend money on informing voters about important issues, particularly those still up for consultation. Labour rorted the system, but has the gall to complain when National uses it legitimately.

As a side note, it is heartening that Twyford could obtain this information so quickly under the Official Information Act. Under the previous Government, there was widespread disregard for the Act and journalists and others who made requests were often ignored or obstructed by Minister’s Offices and Government Departments.

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May 7, 2009 at 8:39 pm

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Labour reshuffle: The height of arrogance round two

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GEORGE Hawkins has followed the footsteps of his a couple of his vain colleagues and sent journalists a tardy press release yesterday welcoming his appointment as Local Government Spokesman.

The release, which was incorrectly dated, does not appear on the Labour Party website is presumed to have been unauthorised by the party’s press unit. Further, it did not fit the format of the Party’s standard press releases. The whole release is produced below:

Hawkins to champion local communities

New Labour Party Spokesman on Local Government, George Hawkins, intends to become the champion of local communities in the Auckland governance restructuring process.

Mr Hawkins replaces Shane Jones in the Labour local government spokesmanship. He sees his former experiences as a Mayor of Papakura during the last restructuring of local government as a plus in the new role.

“This restructuring exercise by the Government represents an opportunity to put local back into local government and I want to do my best to see that it happens,” he says.

“Communities such as those in Manurewa and Papakura deserve a full say on the responsibilities and activities of their local boards under the restructuring plans. For too long the existing city councils have been in a big spending mode and to some extent remote from immediate community concerns.

“This regional governance restructuring exercise gives us the chance to enhance local community ownership of their patch. I’m sure, for example, that Devonport in the north, Pakuranga in the east, and Swanson in the west will feel as strongly and passionate about their right to have their say on how their local communities develop as do the people of South Auckland.

“Attendance of some 1000 people at the meeting called this week by Papakura Mayor Callum Penrose demonstrates the depth of local wishes to have control over how their area develops.

“I support the Auckland Council concept for the region as the vehicle for getting rid of development and economic stumbling blocks to progress in the area as a whole. Through it we can get infrastructure, including transport and water delivery, streamlined to both save money and achieve better outcomes.

“But we must put the local back into local government and ensure communities throughout the area don’t feel disenfranchised from the new model that emerges.

“I hope to have dialogue with the Minister of Local Government Rodney Hide and his associate, John Carter, to advocate that local voices must be heard and “local” is put back into local government. No doubt we’ll have some strong disagreements from time to time. It is my aim to make sure this exercise is finalised in a manner that benefits all Aucklanders.”

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May 7, 2009 at 3:11 pm

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Labour: The nasty party

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CLARE Curran used to communicate for a living. While Labour has a few loose cannons, she knows better than anyone that words matter. So saying Rodney Hide gives her the “creeps” was deliberate and nasty. Labour is still the nasty party.

Hat tip: Whale Oil Beef Hooked

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May 7, 2009 at 3:00 pm

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Labour reshuffle: The nasty party

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The decision to bring Trevor Mallard back to the front bench wasn’t simply a choice of Old Guard over fresh talent, it was an explicit endorsement of the grubby, nasty politics that brought the last Government down.

,Mallard is easily the grubbiest man in Parliament. He was sacked from the front bench after smearing a whistleblower and assaulting a National MP. Other career highlights including raising Don Brash’s private life in the House, threatening to dish dirt on other MPs, some off colour remarks about beer bottles and bodily orifices and telling outrageous lies about American bagmen.

Mallard had a poor record as Minister of Education, so his appointment can scarcely be justified on the grounds of experience. His tenure was marked by prolonged bungling of NCEA, school closures and a series of scandals involving te Wananga o Aotearoa.

Phil Goff has sent a clear message: Labour is the nasty party. Expect to see Mallard bully Education Minister Anne Tolley in the House. Expect press releases containing wild assertions. Expect grubby, nasty politics.

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May 6, 2009 at 9:49 am

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